WELL OF SOULS was formed in the summer of 1998. When Frank Hellweg moved from the north to the south of Germany he played in a progressive-act called "Fright Night", but he tried to find people for a doomier sounding band. One day he was lying in an ambulance and the medical man was a drummer who was looking for a band, so WELL OF SOULS was born then. Later on, Frank found Petro through an advertisement. In the next month WELL OF SOULS tried some bass players, but it didn't work with any of them. In autumn `98 they recorded their first demo just for themselves, not for promotion.
Drummer Andy left the band, because he got a new job too far away. Peter from the power-metal-band "Blackhead" played the drums for the next year. In the year 2000 WOS recorded the second demo.
Peter also had to leave the band and WOS needed a long-long time to find a replacement. But they wouldn't give up and played some shows with Markus and later on with Ralf, the drummer of Franks first southern band Fright Night. They played many shows with Solstice (U.K.), Mirror Of Deception, Dreaming and many other bands. It worked very good and in the beginning of 2002 Ralf asked for to be the new drummer of WELL OF SOULS. A few weeks ago WOS found a bassplayer, Alex was the one WOS has waited for since four years.
The following shows with their friends Thunderstorm from Italy and Mirror Of Deception from Germany showed that this will be the right line-up for the future. Then came the deal with Secret Port Records to release the demos as a regular cd and it seems noone can stop this german piece of doom-metal now!