2005-4-1 New Song called 'Sunrise Drowns Your Sorrow' will be presented for the first time at the DOOM SHALL RISE.

2004-10-6 WELL OF SOULS finally found a new drummer. Marco Schreiner already played three concerts with WOS in Belgium and Holland. Check the tourdates. WOS are also working on new material.

2004-03-28 WELL OF SOULS finally found a drummer to play at least one concert of the tour which actually started today in Hungary. WOS will play on the 1.April in Aalen in a club called 'Rock it' and be sure that WELL OF SOULS will rock it. SO, DON'T MISS IT! Peter Krause from BLACKHEAD will play the drums and this guy really kicks ass.

2004-03-21 Guestbook is now available. Here you can write anything concerning WELL OF SOULS, music in general, concerts, recommandations etc.

2004-03-21 Sadly, we have to announce that WELL OF SOULS will not attend the tour with Penance an Orodruin end of march. The reason is simply that WELL OF SOULS still has no drummer able and willing to play the gigs.


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